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18th of July 2018


World Music Day today

Prince Mahmud

(Lyricist, Composer, Music Director)

“New trends in music were there in the past, are relevant in the present and will continue in the future; some can accept the fact and some cannot. However, what I believe is that if you make music that is genuine and good, it will surpass time, regardless of the current trends, and will continue to win hearts.”

Bappa Mazumder


“In order to set the standard right, we have to modify our mindset. I also strongly believe that one effective way to do this is by supporting the singers who we grew up listening to. Many of those artistes are still well and working. However, they no longer have the required platform. So, we need to create more opportunities for them in the mainstream media so that their talent can outshine the temporary hype.”

Dilshad Nahar Kona


“I think it all comes down to the singers and the audience's taste. Artistes now are hungry for a fast route to fame – they are now capable of releasing content online whenever they please and the companies behind these platforms want songs that would bring them more hits faster. So, we are always going to have a mix of the tacky and the relatable. Those who enjoy loud musical numbers will listen to those, while those who want songs that tell more meaningful stories will seek those out.”

Sharmin Sultana Sumi

(Lead Vocalist of Chirkutt/Lyricist)

“I feel that music is meant to be calming and peaceful. As musicians, we have the scope to send important messages about society and relationships to the masses through our work. To that end, the lyrics are the backbone of our songs. It is a boon that we have so many avenues available today to put out music – if more and more musicians realise that we need songs that connect to the audience and are easy to listen to, only then we can change people's viewpoints.”

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